Joy In The Breakroom

Delivering GRATITUDE, Spreading JOY and Sharing HOPE in​ the workplace!

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My journey as published aut​hor!

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"Souls In The Sand" published October 2018

"Behind Her Brand" - Pubished on February 2017

What's behind Joy In The Breakroom?

On February 4th our new book was launched. It was a fascinating adventure to be a co-author and share this experience with other outstanding women entrepreneurs.

"Behind my brand is a celebration of JOY through GRATITUDE"

I thank God for our publisher Kimberly Pitts and this AMAZING opportunity which is a beautiful proof of His grace and faithfulness!

I am also truly grateful for my family and precious tribe, for those who had been on my side day after day a long this fascinating journey. I am where I am today because of them!


"Behind Her Bran Entrepreneur Edition Vol. takes you on the journey of real life lessons, obstacles, think tank processes, disappointments and victories of 12 successful female entrepreneurs who turned their brand into catalysts for their business successes. You will learn power moves on how to take your brand from zero to shero. Be prepared to be swept off your feet with their stories"

About Lilian Chavira, Founder and Designer

After earning my Bachelor degree in Business and working ten years in the Marketing, Design and Branding Industries, I had the joy of owning a successful Gourmet Bakery in Okemos, Michigan. There, I received from Meridian Township the 2009 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award. My trophy: A beautiful ACORN!

Four years later, my husband accepted a promotion that would have us relocate to Texas and we closed my blooming business. Leaving behind the place we called HOME for a decade, loyal clients, friends who became family and such a precious dream was truly one of the most difficult experiences I had ever faced. I thought I would never have the desire and energy to start all over again so I went back to the Corporate world for a couple of years. Until one day, when I had the courage to recognize God had placed in my heart a new vision and I was the one who needed to take a leap of FAITH to fulfill my destiny!

Theodore Roosevelt said: "COURAGE is not having the strength to go on; It is going on when you don't have the strength"

At this point, I had worn “all hats” as an employee, manager, business owner and vendor. Now as the creator of this unique concept, I am committed to leverage amazing experiences in partnership with your organization. It will be a JOY to serve you!


With a proved CAPABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM, CREATIVE ideas and true PASSION we had embarked an exciting new endeavor… the best is yet to come!

"Do not despise small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin" Zechariah 4:10

“The greatest oak was once a little acorn

who held its ground”

I am so THANKFUL for the support received from my family and THIS AMAZING COMMUNITY, there is not a better place to dream again than Frisco Texas, Oh yes!

Symbolic Meaning of the Oak Tree / Our Core Values:

Faith, Family, Honor, Heritage, Strength, Wisdom, Creativity, Loyalty & Friendship

Dream, Believe, Succeed, Repeat...

Living with a purpose!!!

We brought the below testimonials from Michigan, started all over again here an Texas! So THANKFUL for the many new clients and the new chapter written here!ght 

"Your passion becomes your legacy when you serve others being who your are, doing what you love"