Joy In The Breakroom

Delivering GRATITUDE, Spreading JOY and Sharing HOPE in​ the workplace!

"Without the seed of gratitude, there is no fruit of joy" ~Keith Craft

Creative branding, full-service specialty catering, personalized gift baskets, corporate event planning, salad/snack bars, and unique birthday or holiday celebrations for your employees, clients or associates!

It was such a JOY to be approached by Voyage Dallas Magazine as they were writing stories about "hiding gems in the Dallas Forth-worth area"

What a privilege to share our story and the mission of our precious business!

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Much MORE than gift baskets!

Much MORE than catering!

Your clients and associates are key elements on your success!

Your employees are brand ambassadors for your organization.

` Find ordinary opportunities to cultivate a positive mission-driven culture

~ Surprise your staff with unique personalized gift baskets

~ Promote healthy habits with fresh fruit deliveries

~ Build teams up around decadent treats

~ Creatively highlight your Corporate Values

~Bring excellence with your company's name 

Our Mission

We are passionately taking "gratitude" to a new level in the corporate world. We partner with Business Owners, Directors, HR departments & Visionary Leaders by transforming their Company's "Breakroom" into a dynamic space to bring teams together and improve engagement at work. Flowers and dessert gift baskets, fresh fruit deliveries, treats with "a spark" and unique employee birthday/work anniversary celebrations are only some of our creative ideas. Together we find occasions to communicate a positive message, craft and enjoyable atmosphere and cultivate a mission-driven culture. We unexpectedly bring beauty, gratitude and honor inside the office walls. Our ultimate goal is to transform ordinary moments into JOY!

Lilian Chavira, Founder & Designer

Thankful for all year around wonderful opportunities for some leaders and teams to show honor and have some fun together. Picnics, pool parties and ice cream bars in office breakrooms or in conference tables were popular this Summer. And football season and the holidays are coming next!


Is your company sponsoring any event? Do you have any special occasion to celebrate? Make your breakfasts, ribbon-cutting or corporate meetings to stand out! We can plan with you the perfect design to highlight your brand and make your guests feel super special! Let's transform ordinary moments into JOY!

Serving THE BEST of the best in Frisco, TX

(Special packages for Frisco Chamber Members (Get On Track) Between $4.00 & $20.00 per person depending menu and details included)

Sponsoring a networking event?

We passionately believe in the purpose of our company. In the magical experience of transforming a boring birthday cake into a room filled with laughter and a fun memory that will encourage your employees to keep coming back each month only to celebrate!

Very unique plans for the upcoming months, together we can bring honor, gratitude, beauty and "the sunshine" inside the office walls!

"Because if we are too busy to laugh, then we are TOO BUSY"

Our Commitment

Time is a limited resource. Let us help with the innovative planning and attention to detail. We will take care of all arrangements by selecting outstanding local vendors and executing with excellence a custom designed monthly plan for your Corporate Office.

We would LOVE to hear from you to schedule an appointment and explore any possible options!

Note: We don't work based in long-term contracts, every client orders/pays based on their upcoming projects. We are committed to be a reliable resource for you implementing a simple communication system so you all can focus on successfully run your organization.

Let us help you to bring your ideas to life!

Starting at $10.00 per person

Celebrate your Staff Birthdays and Work Anniversaries in a unique way!

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Contact us to find out the different themes and designs that we have ready each month to celebrate your staff and honor your clients or associates!

Our "Flowers and Dessert Arrangements" are the perfect gift. Brand internally, welcome new hires or surprise any employee on their birthday or special occasion. We can customize our designs to your logo, colors, diet restrictions or specific requests!

We will always try to include a clever balance between elegant, yummy and healthy! (Starting at $25.00)

Any questions? Contact us here!

This is WHY we do what we do! Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony @ Frisco Chamber of Commerce. A very special day!

JOY=[Your talents * purpose + passion]

"We are so caught up in our destination that we forget to enjoy the journey, appreciation is a wonderful thing"